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Child trafficking and Adrenochrome

Some time ago, everyone had the opportunity to see articles about pizzagate, lolita express, pedowood, wayfair, some even said it was all a lie, however, this is the recurring topic under discussion. We are seeing a festival of evidence pointing to the reality of child sex trafficking, child abuse and murder and putting it into perspective. So, can this term, adrenochrome trafficking, be used in this disgusting depravity promoted by some members of governments, political class, celebrities of the artistic world, businessmen, religious leaders, royalty, causing pain, suffering and death to its victims around the world .

The e-mails of a very well-known public figure in these leaked scandals and published by Wikileaks, started a large part of this story. As Wikileaks has a history of 100% accuracy in its documents, it shed light on the e-mails of the then US presidential candidate during the campaign, revealing all suspicious movements in her. Among these emails, hundreds of references and terms (codes) used by pedophiles, events and places frequented by pedophiles, including a famous event among this entity called Spirit Cooking, were found. This spiritual dinner where guests participate in satanic rituals, cannibalism and pedophilia.

Once this was revealed, it turned out to be highly unusual involvement with some politicians and a place called Comet Ping Pong and its owner.

Some speculate that this owner is part of a powerful, billionaire and traditional American family. Evidence of the Comet Ping Pong owner’s connection to pedophilia has been published, indicating that he is up to his head involved in child sex trafficking and the sale of a substance called Adrenocrome.

Adrenochrome is mentioned in the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” starring Johnny Depp and if you watch the movie till the end, it talks about this drug.

In the film, it is worth noting the discussion between Depp and the drug dealer he is talking to.

If you notice, they’re talking about how the substance is harvested.

Yes. this should be fiction, however most fiction is based on real life events.

Filmmakers do a lot of research on subjects. This is a lot more real life than people would like to admit.

Adrenochrome is a chemical produced by the human body

when adrenaline (or epinephrine) oxidizes or “hit the air”. It is produced when the body is traumatized in some way, such as through torture or extreme terror.

When a stimulus that should produce extreme fear is introduced to a human, especially when someone is very young, the adrenaline produced is more potent than in the average adult. Because of its psychoactive properties, Adrenocrome has been linked to the mind control drug. Research on MK Ultra

The extraction process is done by killing the person and harvesting the adrenochrome from the base of the neck and spine with a needle.

In its pure form, black market sellers can make extreme amounts of money when they sell. This connection between child sex trafficking, torture and murder of children around the world and the links between MS-13, high profile pedopushers as well as those involved and all the ties between these non-profit organizations that pretend to provide assistance to victims of various disasters around the world makes sense when you think about this type of drug trafficking.

What better way to collect children than from areas ravaged by war or natural disaster? Parents are gone, families are torn apart. It is very easy to place this child in and out of the country.

There is an online site from Canada called AndrochromeLabs.com that says it makes its own product and sells it in vape form. This is not regulated and is not in a “food form” so it doesn’t have to go through the FDA for approval.

Look up a company in Germany called Gute Chemie who say they sell Adrenocrome in their catalogue.

See some of the side effects related to the use of Adrenocrome directly from the “addictions library.org”.

It says on this site that those who use it can become dependent on it and feel like they can’t function without it.

As it is not regulated in the United States and not approved for human consumption, distribution is not difficult and getting caught with it is not a crime.

The existence of this drug has been questioned, however it seems strange, if it doesn’t exist, why is it on the Library of Addiction website with its definition? How is it used, what are the signs and symptoms of its use and how to treat addicts if it was not real?

If you connect what has already been exposed on social media about the pedophile rings at PizzaGate, Comet Ping Pong, the connection between Wikileaks, the public figures who had their emails leaked, their relationship with the owner of Comet Ping Pong, the works of arts at the exposed brothers’ house, the tracks of the Lolita Express, the MS-13 round and the connections between this and the so-called Blue Bloods and all these sealed indictments, the sex scandals and pedophilia in politics it seems that, everyone is deeply involved in this particular aspect of criminal activity, providing a trafficking center for the exchange of kidnapped children and carrying out the extraction and distribution of the Adrenocrome drug.

The main purpose of child traffickers is not sexual exploitation as most people believe. but rather for adrenochrome extraction in satanic rituals, evidently sexual abuse is present as well as cannibalism rituals.

Truly, this world lies in the evil one. Take care of your children.

Anna Alves-Lazaro

Anna Alves-Lazaro is a lawyer, social communicator, public relations professional, CEO and founder of Hope & Justice Foundation, speaker, writer and activist against Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. More about us

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